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QRV since 1993.

The DX-cluster sysop is located in Vlaardingen.

To get acces to the cluster via internet use telnet. The only valid adress is: dxc.pi4cc.nl:8000

The cluster is running on a VPS (Virtual Prived Server) and its hosted in a data center in Germany. The operating system is Debian 11 (Bullseye) with Spider dx-cluster software. On the same server also the web and email server for PI4CC.NL are running. The server has a uptime of 99.94% So you will not missed any DX-spot if you use DX-cluster PI4CC.

If you want more info on the use of the DX-cluster, follow the link. You will see the traffic, users, spots and propagation over a 1 year period.

The DX-cluster is 24 Hrs, 7 days a week online. If you're connecting via internet, you will need a program to TELNET in. The most log/contest programs have a telnet function build in. Take a look at the manual of loggin program.

Here is the user-manual for the software used at PI4CC dx-cluster.

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