Contest Club
QRV since 1993.

Welcome to the homepage of PI4CC. It is an amateur radio station, mainly designed for operating M/S and M/M entry contests on HF.

PI4CC is located at Hoek van Holland, operating from a World War II bunker. We are close to the north sea shore line. Although in the lowlands, this location is still 25 meters above sea level. Our first operation was the WPX-CW contest in 1993. Ever since we have been improving the station, and to date we are able to participate in a multi/single entry contest within 15 minutes.

Our current antenna setup is:

  • 2 m / 70cm: Diamond X200 vertical at 28 meters.
  • 2 m array contains 4 * 7 el yagi West and 4 * 7 el yagi East between 18 and 26 meter high. Both rotatable
  • 6 m: 6 el monoband yagi at 23 meters, rotatable.
  • 10 m: 6 el monoband yagi at 21 meters and on a different tower a 4 el yagi at 10 meters. Both rotatable.
  • 12 m: 3 el monoband yagi at 17 meters interlaced open sleeve coupled with 17 meter antenna.
  • 15 m: 5 el monoband yagi at 15 meters + 4 el monoband yagi at 18 meters, in a fixed 240 degrees direction (South America).
  • 17 m: 3 el monoband yagi at 17 meters interlaced open sleeve with 12 meter antenna.
  • 20 m: 4 el monoband yagi at 21 meters + 3 el monoband yagi at 18 meters fixed at 70 degrees (Asia).
  • 30 m: A bi-square antenna
  • 40 m: 3 el monoband yagi at 27 meters + dipole at 10 meters.
  • 80 m: Inverted V 'thick' dipole at 21 meters.
  • 160 m: Dipole at 18 meters.
  • For RX only a 9 circle active array.

The antennas are homebrew. Most radiators are split in the middle and symmetrically fed. They have been besigned with MMana, and are tuned with a VNWA.

We are using Elecraft K3 transceivers, followed by legal power limit amplifiers (400 watts in The Netherlands).

This is supported by a sophisticated network for logging, clusters, administration etc. The individual computers control our transceivers, cw & voice keyers and the rotators. Today our prime source of DX-info is coming from our own dx cluster PI4CC.

In case you have worked us and like to receive a QSL card, you can send it via the buro or look at qrz.com for more info.
We frequently upload our logs to the Logbook Of The World.

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