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Photo's by PI4CC

There are a few slide shows on several topics:
A home made gin pole.
Setup a tower by hand.
Add direction readout + mouting plate to heavy rotor.
Bring up the 20 meter beam to the top of a 21 meter high tower.
A 360 degree look from the 20 meter antenna tower.
Building a 40 meter beam. reconstruction
The patch panel reconstruction
Photo's PACC 2009
Building a central heating unit..
Building a set of W3NQN bandpass filters.
A rotor mouting + rotor preparing..
A power splitter + diversity controller.
Our patch panel.
A broadband 80M dipole..
Project 80-160 vertical.
Project HP filter enclosure.
A rotor for the 40M beam.
Rotor revisie 2020.
Strong thrust bearing for 40M yagi.

Winter photo's @ PI4CC.

Video's by other

Before PI4CC exsist there was a fieldday/contest group. There are active since 1976. A video of the year 1977 VHF, 1987 FD, 1989 FD, 1992 FD or 1993 PACC can be seen.

Visitors have made some video's too. Have a look:

QSO's with PI4CC on Youtube:
SN5V (11:30)
XE2B (6:20)
SP5KAB (1:00)
Working PI4CC on the Drake TR-4 KE0CRP
F18052 swl
SWRadio 36


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