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DXpedition to Mauritius


Date of operation

Starting at Jacky's place (3b8cf) 24-09-1999 untill 03-010-1999
From the vilage of Flic&Flac 04-10-1999 untill 10-10-1999

Modes& Frequenties

We will try to putup all HF bands in the air incl WARC.
Mode CW - SSB - RTTY (Operating CQWW RTTY 1999)
PA3EPD is trying to bring a small 2 meter EME station to 3B8
More info below


Kenwood TS-850-SAT.
Icom 706-MKII
2 Laptop's 486 with CT & RTTY software
AEA-Pakratt 232 MBX
Several antennas R-7 Cuscraft and dipoles



3B8/PA3EPD will be activated from Mauritius from 27th of september till october 3rd on 144mhz EME.

Station equipment :
2x14el (dj9bv) 3.6wl yagis, stacked side by side, vertical. Output abt 800watts, expected ERP abt 25kw. Stations with 17dbd ant. gain and a kw or a bit more are encouraged to make skeds via Lionel, Ve7bqh. Well equiped stations with four (4) yagis or more, can make a sked proposal via lionel Ve7bqh, they will be accepted 2 days ahead only. Random call to me is prefered.

Pse call me on random only when my call is copied solid, if signal is coming in well with me, a qso is probably made. Stations with a short window (no mather the size of your antenna) can make skeds via lionel. Freq. for sked stations will be 144.075 My freq. 144.077 always eastern sequence (0-2 4-6 etc) 2 minute sequences. In case I will be transmitting 1 min. sequences, I take always even sequence (0-1 2-3 etc etc). Random stations will be listened for on 144.079 to 144.080 In case of a pile up (I hope) 144.080 and higher will be listened for. Any station who is calling on 144.077 will not be worked!!!
I will make announcements on the moonnet reflector when I expect to be qrv the next day.
Most probable times will be between 20.00Z and 05.00Z, but don't forget I have a holiday too. All depends on RFI problems and operation on HF as well.

Callsign will be 3B8/pa3epd for 98% of the time. In some cases you might find 3b8/pb0ait or 3b8/pa0vha to be on the air too!! This a bonus, I will be off to somewhere, take it easy on them pse, they are HF-ops.

The system is tested and 100% OK, but there are many variables that can go wrong on site. Keep moonnet standby for latest information, if an announcement is made by me, I will be there 100% and your are NOT coming out of your bed (or day off) for nothing, the signal might be weak only.

Hopefully I will see many off you soon.

Gl and see you soon

Michael , 3b8/pa3epd

PS: thanks to pb0aiu, pa2ger, pa0jmv, pe1ogf, pe1lch, pa2chr, pa3ewp, 3b8cf, ve7bqh and my sked partners for pi4cc, for there additional help!!!!!!

Front view during the test setup.
A top view
And Micheal and his creation.


View EME log is online



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