Here the qso's made from 3B8: 

Call worked Report Comment Date
KB8RQ O/RO First 3B8<->USA 27 sep 1999
IK1FJI O/RO First 3B8<->I 27 sep 1999
W5UN O/RO   27 sep 1999
IK3MAC O/RO   27 sep 1999
I3DLI O/RO   27 sep 1999
DL5MAE O/RO First 3B8<->DL 27 sep 1999
SM2CEW O/RO First 3B8<->SM 27 sep 1999
HB9Q O/RO First 3B8<->HB9 27 sep 1999
OZ1HNE O/RO First 3B8<->OZ 27 sep 1999
DK3WG O/RO   27 sep 1999
K2GAL O/RO   28 sep 1999
SM5FRH O/RO   28 sep 1999
IK2DDR O/RO   28 sep 1999
SM4IVE O/RO   28 sep 1999
K5GW O/RO   29 sep 1999
W5UN O/RO   29 sep 1999
IK3MAC O/RO   02 oct 1999
I2FAK O/RO   03 oct 1999
W7GJ O/RO   03 oct 1999
SM7BAE O/RO   03 oct 1999
DL2RSX O/RO   04 oct 1999

Many others heard , but unfortunatly not worked Sri for all who called and got no response from me, polarity gave problems at times. Also email was down after 2 days, and no confirmation or new skeds could be made. Countries like 3B8 do not have the expected things like email and things like that. Moonbounce is not expected to be easy in the first place! Thanks to all who tried and the people who are contacted, and in the first place all Hams helping me to get 3B8 on the air. 

Michael, pa3epd (3b8/pa3epd)