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On this page we will tell which software is used @PI4CC. Since the computer is a important part of the radio operator its nice to share such info. Some times we write our own software but also we buy of download freeware .

We log our qso's in to Win-test.This is a rock stable piece of software. For RTTY download MTTY as plugin.
All qso's are uploaded to Log Book of TheWorld ( LOTW) To start with LOTW read the manual and get you certificate for TQSL.
PA2EVR wrote a program called Opicoil V2.2. Funk Amateur published an article in there march 2021 publicationand the software is availble via the Funk site.With this program we design the coils for our bandpass filter.
PA2EVR wrote 2 web based tools. A smit-matcher and the Opticoil program

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