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OH0CC 2014 by PA0VHA, PA2A, PA2AM, and PA3BAG

DX-Peditie to Aland Island OH0

Yes, we planned a new DX-Pedition this year. We visit this Island for the 4 time. We have rent two houses. We stay on island Eckero.
This year we will use the call OH0CC
2 of the OM's XYL's are coming with use so, we are not only focused on the radio.
We start driving on 17-may and will be driving back home at 1-june

PA2A will be the qsl manager for this trip.

View some photo's taken during this trip.

During the trip we are qrv on 40m till 2 meter.
Mostly we are logged in in the dx-cluster network. We are using the PI4CC node.

We will use the following antenna setup:
2M 2 * 8 el I0JXX yagis
6M 1/4 wwave vertical
10, 12, 15, 17 and 20M two times a hex beam
10,15,20M a GPA30
12,17,30M GPA303
40 meter 1/4 wave vertiacal

As radio we will use:
1 * K3 + Acom for SSB
2 * K3 + KPA500 for digital and CW
1 * K3 + XV-144 + preamp noise 0,4 db + home made solid State 1Kw PA

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