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DX-Pedition to MARKET REEF OJ0CC from 27-08-2011till 02-09-2011

During the trip we will put news here if an internet connection is on for hand.
Also some photo's and a video in sequence of time are added at regular basis.

Packing and loading the 2 cars. The OJ0 wheater forcast is windy. We will try to sail at friday to OJ0 instead of saturday.

At 04 hour in the morning we start our car trip heading to SM for the first 1300 km. The total trip is about 1800 km.

Disaster hits PA3ALK!.
Wil has a broken leg and is in plaster. How it happens isn’t clear, but the team has dicided to cancel the trip.
The are now at the home of SM4FZW, a close friend of them to relax.

  Waiting in the hospital.
  After the visit
  The end of the trip.


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